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Weekend Cruise - Atlantic Highlands Group

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I posted this in the forum discussion, but adding it here too.

AHYC Cruise update...

I just spoke with Jack Flannery, Rear Commodore of AHYC. He said the club is very excited to have us come on down and hang out with them.

AHYC is very aware of the mooring requests we have and the "waitlisted" DOCKWA notifications. They are working on a plan to get us all on moorings. However they are relying on their members to be away so can't say for sure how many they will have when we go. He said to not let this deter us and come on down anyway. They will figure this out. Worse case scenario, we can anchor and they will provide us launch service to land.

Boat Owners only please, let me know if you:

A. Are still planning on going on this trip?

B. Are willing to anchor?

C. Do you have to have a mooring?

At the moment I see 9 boats registered and I want to make sure everyone is accommodated. Several of you have anchored at Atlantic Highlands before and I welcome you to add any information you think may be helpful.

And some more good news... after spending the last several weeks on a major engine repair project, it appears our trip leader Peter Veshlage (s/v Fandango) is confident he will be making the trip.

So I think we can safely start chatting about the specifics of the trip, including departure times, cocktails hours, dinner, etc...

That's all for now.

David Spence - S/V Synergy

LYC - Vice Commodore

Malisa Neville
Malisa Neville
Jun 13, 2023

Malisa from Cerulean here. We'd love to join if possible. We are in the process of refitting our anchor/chain - so need to moor for this trip.

A. We would like to join

B. Not willing to anchor

C. Have to have a mooring.



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