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Weekend Cruise - Atlantic Highlands Group

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After trying to hoist my genoa over the weekend, I've concluded that I need a new roller/furler. So, Balance will be motoring to AH. However, I still need crew for docking and mooring. Does anyone know of a club member that wants to go to AH for the rendezvous?


Nitzan Levy - SV Kate
Kathrin Henkel
June 18, 2023 · joined the group.
Malisa Neville
June 13, 2023 · joined the group.
Sailboat Owner
Ed Bacon
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M/Y Coda: Regina, Ed and Gypsea plan to attend. Don't need mooring. Could use some advice on anchoring (where, depth, type of bottom)

I posted this in the forum discussion, but adding it here too.

AHYC Cruise update...

I just spoke with Jack Flannery, Rear Commodore of AHYC. He said the club is very excited to have us come on down and hang out with them.


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