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Being located in the New York Harbor, Liberty Yacht Club is blessed to have reciprocity relationships with both local, national and international yacht clubs. Reciprocity benefits vary from one yacht club to another and may include: ability to reserve a mooring or a slip at an otherwise private club, gain access to the club facilities, and the opportunity to meet local like minded boaters. Make sure to visit the reciprocal yacht club's website to inquire about reciprocity terms. 


LYC Member notes

  • LYC members wishing to visit another yacht club should contact that club directly and inquire about their guest policies.

  • LYC does NOT have financial reciprocity with any other yacht club. All expenses must be paid directly by members to the other yacht club at the time of their visit; charges may not be billed to an LYC account.

  • A proof of LYC membership may be required - have your Liberty Yacht Club membership card available.

  • Should the destination Yacht Club require a Member in Good Standing Letter - click here.

  • Leaving the dock for an overnight/multiple day cruise? Remember to notify Liberty Landing Marina Dock Masters of your travel dates -  Janir: or Greg: 

Visiting Yacht Club Member Notes

LYC offers reciprocity in the form of discounted docking fees at Liberty Landing Marina for members of other yacht clubs. 

Please contact your yacht club’s manager for details or email:

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